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The Texas Eastern Bankruptcy Court offers a database of opinions, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Case Name Year Citation Issue Link Topic Judge
Burrell 1999 230 B.R. 309 Soldiers' & Sailors' Civil Relief Act PDF icon bpBurrell.pdf Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker
Fracmaster, LTD 1999 237 B.R. 627 Former Sec 304 - Case Ancillary to Foreign Proceeding PDF icon bpFracmasterLTD.pdf Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker
Franklin 1999 unpublished Debt "Provided For" in Chapter 13 Plan PDF icon bpFranklin.pdf Chapter 13 Judge Parker
Goode 1999 235 B.R. 584 Cash Collateral & Adequate Protection Chapter 13 Judge Parker
Hart 1999 unpublished Perfection & Texas Certificate of Title Act PDF icon bpHart.pdf Texas Law - Miscellaneous Judge Parker
Johnson 1999 241 B.R. 394 Disposable Income PDF icon bpJohnson.pdf Chapter 13 Judge Parker
Kowalsky 1999 235 B.R. 590 Burden of Proof Automatic Stay Judge Parker
PRK Enterprises, Inc. 1999 235 B.R. 597 § 365 - Prompt Cure of Defaults PDF icon bpPRKEnterprisesInc.pdf Executory Contracts Judge Parker
Richard 1999 241 B.R. 403 Plan Interest Rate; Coerced Loan; Smithwick PDF icon bpRichard.pdf Chapter 13 Judge Parker
Rogers 1999 239 B.R. 883 Adequate Protection in Chapter 13 Cases PDF icon bpRogers.pdf Automatic Stay Judge Parker