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The Texas Eastern Bankruptcy Court offers a database of opinions, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Case Name Year Citation Issue Link Topic Judge
Smith 1999 237 B.R. 621 § 1328(a) - Entitlement to Discharge PDF icon bpSmith.pdf Chapter 13 Judge Parker
Canton Jubilee, Inc. 2000 253 B.R. 770 § 503(b)(1)(A); (b)(3); (b)(4) PDF icon bpCanton.pdf Administrative Expenses Judge Parker
Howard Love Pipeline 2000 253 B.R. 781 Distinguishing Attorney and Trustee Services PDF icon bpHowardLovePipeline.pdf Professional Employment and Compensation Judge Parker
Miller 2000 252 B.R. 110 tax liability of bankruptcy estate PDF icon Miller_tax liability of BK estate_2000.pdf Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker
Schultz 2000 251 B.R. 823 § 524(a) - Modification of Discharge Injunction PDF icon bpSchultz.pdf Chapter 7 Discharge Judge Parker
Stanton 2000 254 B.R. 357 § 544(a) & Unperfected Security Interests PDF icon bpStanton.pdf Avoidance Actions Judge Parker
Triplex Marine Maint., Inc. 2000 258 B.R. 659 UCC 1-201(37) - Lease or Disguised Security Interest PDF icon bpTriplexMarineMaintInc.pdf Texas Law - Miscellaneous Judge Parker
Barron 2001 264 B.R. 833 § 523(a)(8) - Hardship Discharge of Student Loan PDF icon bpBarron.pdf Exceptions to Discharge Judge Parker
Bigbie 2001 unpublished Rule 7015 - Amending Discharge Complaints PDF icon bpBigbie.pdf Chapter 7 Discharge Judge Parker
C & C Demo, Inc. 2001 273 B.R. 502 Disinterestedness Requirement PDF icon bpCCDemoInc.pdf Professional Employment and Compensation Judge Parker