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The Texas Eastern Bankruptcy Court offers a database of opinions, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Case Name Year Citation Issue Link Topic Judge
Four Seasons Marine & Cycle, Inc. 2001 263 B.R. 764 unauthorized use of cash collateral PDF icon Four Seasons Marine_cash coll_2001.pdf Chapter 11 Judge Parker
Hydro-Action, Inc. 2001 266 B.R. 638 Arbitration Enforcement in Bankruptcy PDF icon bpHydro-ActionInc266.pdf Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker
Kelley 2001 259 B.R. 580 Bar Dates & Rule 3004 PDF icon bpKelley.pdf Claims Judge Parker
Kemper 2001 263 B.R. 773 Choice of Law; Usury PDF icon bpKemper.pdf Texas Law - Miscellaneous Judge Parker
Kessel 2001 261 B.R. 902 § 523(a)(5) - Alimony & Support Exceptions to Discharge Judge Parker
Manning 2001 unpublished Tardy Claims & Due Process PDF icon bpManning.pdf Claims Judge Parker
Mayeaux 2001 269 B.R. 614 Disclosure of Compensation; Sanctions PDF icon bpMayeaux.pdf Professional Employment and Compensation Judge Parker
McLellan 2001 unpublished Sovereign Immunity Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker
Smith 2001 269 B.R. 629 Rejection & Specific Performance PDF icon bpSmith.pdf Executory Contracts Judge Parker
Sunpoint Securities, Inc. 2001 262 B.R. 384 Bankruptcy Jurisdiction PDF icon bpSunpointSecuritiesInc.pdf Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker