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The Texas Eastern Bankruptcy Court offers a database of opinions, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Case Name Year Citation Issue Link Topic Judge
Beverley 2004 unpublished Rule 4007 - Extension of Dischargeability Deadline PDF icon bpBeverley.pdf Exceptions to Discharge Judge Parker
Food Fast Holdings, Ltd. 2004 unpublished Preferences - Estoppel & Res Judicata PDF icon bpFoodFast.pdf Avoidance Actions Judge Parker
Garrett 2004 315 B.R. 431 Child Support & Full Faith and Credit PDF icon bpGarrett.pdf Claims Judge Parker
Herman 2004 315 B.R. 399 Abstracts of Judgment PDF icon bpHerman.pdf Texas Law - Miscellaneous Judge Parker
Herman 2004 unpublished Texas - Furnishings & Retirement Savings (TSP) PDF icon bpHerman.pdf Exemption - Other Judge Parker
Herman v. Neely 2004 315 B.R. 381 Lien Avoidance: Texas Equitable Liens; Resulting Trusts; Legal Disabilities & Limitations Texas Law - Miscellaneous Judge Parker
Hydro-Action, Inc. 2004 unpublished Mechanic's Liens PDF icon bpHydro-ActionInc.pdf Texas Law - Miscellaneous Judge Parker
Kilgore Meadowbrook CC, Inc. 2004 315 B.R. 412 Loan or Gift; Amendment of Claims PDF icon bpKilgoreMeadowbrookCCInc.pdf Claims Judge Parker
Northstar Energy, Inc 2004 315 B.R. 425 § 107(b) - Confidential Information PDF icon bpNorthstarEnergyInc.pdf Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker
Supreme Beef Processors, Inc. 2004 unpublished Sec 363 Sales - Breach of Contract PDF icon bpSupremeBeefProcessorsInc.pdf Miscellaneous Topics Judge Parker