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DeBN Registration

What is DeBN?
Pursuant to Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9036, a party may make a written request for delivery of notices via email instead of U.S. mail. Through the DeBN program, only orders and notices that have been filed by the court can be emailed to the debtor.  Debtors requesting participation in the DeBN program must complete and file a Debtor’s Electronic Noticing (DeBN) Request form with the court where their case is filed.
DEBTOR ELECTRONIC BANKRUPTCY NOTICING (DeBN) is a FREE  and  voluntary  service that  allows  debtors  to  request  delivery of  court  notices  and  orders  from  the bankruptcy court, through the BNC, via email instead of U.S. mail.  By enrolling in DeBN, a debtor consents ONLY to service of court notices and orders filed by the bankruptcy court. The BNC, on the bankruptcy court’s behalf, will prepare and send the emails.  DeBN has some advantages for debtors. For instance, notices received by DeBN are not subject to the limit on free-of-charge views, so there is no need to save the PDF.  

No other parties, such as creditors and trustees, are allowed to use the DeBN program to email debtors — all other parties will continue to serve documents upon the debtor via U.S. mail.

What are the advantages?

  • Faster — You will receive notices the same day they are filed by the court.
  • Convenient — Access your notices anywhere you have internet access.
  • No more lost paperwork — Storing notices on your computer means never losing a paper copy.
  • Less paper clutter — Helps the environment and reduces paper clutter in your home. It is FREE! 

What are Court Notices and Orders?
Court notices and orders refer to the documents filed by the bankruptcy court, which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Notice of Meeting of Creditors
  • Notice of Incomplete Filing
  • Order RE: Filing Fee Installments or Filing Fee Waiver
  • Notice of Requirement to File Financial Management Course and/or Domestic Support Obligation Certifications
  • Order on Motion for Relief from Stay
  • Order on Plan Modification
  • Order and Notice Dismissing Case
  • Order Discharging Debtor

What will I need in order to take advantage of DeBN?


  1. Reliable internet access
  2. Valid email account
  3. Adobe Reader
  4. DeBN Request Form

How Do I Request DeBN?

  1. Go to the court’s website to complete and print the request form (for joint debtors, each debtor must file a completed registration form):

  2. File the completed form with the court. 

    Note: Debtors can file a DeBN request form through their attorney electronically (Miscellaneous/Other>Request for DeBN Account), or on their own by emailing the completed registration form to: 

    Note: Please be aware that the email address you use for your DeBN account will become a part of the official court record. A DeBN account will not be created if the clerk's office determines that the debtor's email address is inappropriate or offensive.

  3. The clerk's office creates your account.

    Activation of your account is now complete, and you will receive a confirmation email from the BNC.

    Note: From this point forward, all future notices  and  orders  filed  by  the  court will  be  delivered  to  you  via  email,  as long  as  your name  and  address  in the bankruptcy   case match your name and address in your DeBN account and there are no email  transmission failures.

    The BNC will send you confirmation emails and court notices using these addresses:

    Please add these email addresses to your contacts/safe-sender list to ensure delivery of court orders and notices to your email inbox.

    Please do not reply or send emails to the above email addresses. Those email accounts are used for the sole purpose of sending emails and the inboxes are not monitored. Please contact the clerk’s office if you have any questions about the DeBN program.

Keep the Court Advised by Filing an Updated Request Form if You:

  1. Change your email address;
  2. File a new case after enrolling in DeBN  (so  the  court  can  make  sure your name and address in your DeBN account  match  your  new  case);  or
  3. Wish to deactivate or reactivate your account.  

Note:  Once the debtor's DeBN account has been activated, the account will continue to remain active, unless: 

  • Debtor's account is automatically disabled due to an email transmission failure (email bounce-back);  or 
  • Debtor files a request to deactivate the account.  A debtor may file this request at any time using the DeBN request form.