1. When in doubt, call the clerk’s office before proceeding; that will save you and us time.
  2. Check our website on a regular basis for updates, announcements, and useful resources.
  3. Maintain a working knowledge of the Federal and Local Rules of Procedure for Bankruptcy Law.
  4. Click on the yellow ? in the upper right hand corner for helpful information at any time. The information will only pertain to that screen.
  5. Use the control f function to search for key words or phrases in large docket reports.
  6. To minimize browser malfunctions, click Tools, Internet Options, Delete Cookies, Delete Files on a regular basis. This will prevent various menu selections from being eliminated from a given screen. Click the Settings bar and set it to Every Visit To The Page.
  7. Disable all pop-up blockers before paying fees due. DO NOT USE THE BACK ARROW AT ANY TIME DURING THE PROCESS of paying fees.
  8. All proposed orders are ATTACHED to motions, ONLY agreed orders and judgments are submitted using the Upload for Agreed and Court-Directed Orders Link on the main menu.
  9. Call the ECF HelpDesk immediately upon discovery of or making an error. Call with other helpful hints not listed.
  10. “Linking” is a term used by clerk’s staff to describe the phrase, “Reference to an Existing Document”. Be sure to link to the specific document in question, i.e., a withdrawal of an objection is linked to the objection, not the motion.
  11. All drop down menus are alphabetized. One can use the down arrow, grab the scroll bar, or use a key stroke to find the desired event or caption.
  12. Open and review all pdf files before transmitting to the court to ensure correctness.