• (Step 7) Parties Select from the list or create new party. When searching, if a party is not found, you will be prompted to “create new party”. The screen below will appear.

    Click [Submit]. The party will appear highlighted on the next screen.

Note: Always insert c/o attorney’s name on address to ensure notice will be sent to the attorney’s address and not the physical address of the creditor. The Role Type must be changed from Debtor to Creditor (Figure 33)
Figure 33
  Figure 33
Figure 34 Click [Next]. On the screen below (Figure 34), check the box next to the creditor’s name to make the association with the attorney within the database. Click [Next]

Note: Use the Certificate of Notice event when filing any “notice of” i.e., notice of rescheduled 341 hearing or notice of deposition.

Figure 34