Amended Complaints, Answers, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Third Party Complaint & Amended Answers
  • To file an AMENDED COMPLAINT, select the event “Amended Complaint” in the “Complaint & Summons” category and file in the same manner you would file any other document in the ECF system.
  • To file an ANSWER TO COMPLAINT, CROSSCLAIM or THIRD PARTY COMPLAINT, select the “Answer” category and “complaint, 3rd, cross, counter”. Only select the pleading(s) to which the answer being filed responds to.
  • COUNTERCLAIMS, CROSSCLAIMS & 3RD PARTY COMPLAINTS may be filed as part of the initial answer to an initial complaint. They may not be filed as part of an AMENDED answer.
  • AMENDED ANSWER TO COMPLAINT - the CM/ECF program is designed to keep up with the filing of an answer to complaint so that defaults can be tracked. Consequently, it permits only ONE answer for a defendant to be matched to the complaint. Once a complaint has been answered by a party, a user attempting to file another answer for the same party will receive a warning that there are “no unanswered complaints”, therefore, the AMENDED ANSWER event is set up in the “Miscellaneous” sub-category under the Adversary menu.