Key to Success: All motions are constructed exactly in the same manner. Therefore, being able to file one motion gives one the knowledge to file any motion!

Follow the 12-Step Program...

  • (Step1) Create the document
  • (Step 2) Print to PDF. We recommend the purchase of Adobe Acrobat. The current price is approximately $300.00.
  • (Step 3) Log in,
  • (Step 4) Click Bankruptcy or Adversary,
  • (Step 5) From the Bankruptcy/Adversary Event Menu - select Motions/Applications
  • (Step 6) Enter the case number and click [Next]. Verify Debtor’s Name. A drop down menu will appear. All menus in CM-ECF are alphabetized. One can scroll down using the down arrow, grab the scroll bar or by using a key stroke (such as typing “r” on the keyboard to find “relief from automatic stay” ). Choose the type of desired motion, i.e., Relief From Stay.
  • (Step 7) Parties - Choose from the existing parties or create new party. When creating a new party a search must be performed. If that party is not found the filer will be prompted a second time to create new party. IMPORTANT: On the following screen DO NOT fill in an address for the new party. Simply change the Role from debtor to the correct identification if the filer is someone other than the debtor. Click [Submit]. The next screen will automatically have the newly created party highlighted. Click [Next]. A screen will appear stating: The following attorney/party associations do not exist for this case.

    Please check which associations should be created for this case:
    YYY Auto Parts, (cr:cr) represented by Lively , Bill (397)(aty)

    Click the box that will appear to the left of the creditor. In this case that would be YYY Auto Parts. The system knows the attorney filer by their login. By making the association all correspondence for that creditor will be directed to the attorney at their physical address. Click [Next]

  • (Step 8) PDFs - Think of this as the browse screen. Click [Browse] and find the pdf saved on your computer. After verifying the pdf as the desired document, open the pdf and this will insert the pdf file name into the empty field. Below the field is a statement:

    Attachments to Document:    No              Yes

    It defaults to [No]. Change it by clicking [Yes] and then [Next].