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Rules, Forms and Fees
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Local Bankruptcy and District Court Rules

Federal Rules of Procedure and Evidence



Local Forms

  • 1007-b-6 : Verification of Creditor Matrix
  • 1007-b-7 / Fillable: Change in Schedule
  • 2014: Order Approving the Employment of Professional or Firm
  • 3007: Order Sustaining Debtors' Objection to Proof of Claim
  • 3015-a: Chapter 13 Plan
  • 3015-b: Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan
  • 3015-c: Declaration of Debtor Regarding Status of Post-Petition Obligations as of Ch 13 Plan Confirmation Hearing
  • 3017.1: Order Conditionally Approving Debtor's Disclosure Statement; Fixing Time for Filing Acceptances or Rejections of Debtor's Proposed Ch 11 Plan  and/or Objections to Confirmation of Proposed Plan and Setting Hearing to Consider Final Approval of Debtor's Disclosure Statement and Confirmation of Debtor's Proposed Ch 11 Plan.
  • 4000-a : Order Establishing Deadline for Objection to Motion for Continuation (or Imposing) of Automatic Stay And Setting Possible Hearing Date on Such Motion
  • 4000-b : Order Extending (or Imposing) Automatic Stay as Against All Creditors
  • 4000-d : Order Regarding Status of Automatic Stay
  • 4001: Order Granting Motion
  • 4001-b: Declaration of Debtor Regarding Request to Pay Post-Petition Mortage Obligations Through Ch 13 Plan Modifications
  • 4004-b / Fillable: Notice of Plan Completion by Individual Debtors in a Ch 11 Case
  • 4004-c / Fillable : Statement of Debtor(s) Regarding Applicability of 11 U.S.C. 522(q) In a Chapter 12 or 13 Case
  • 4004-d / Fillable : Certification of Debtors Regarding Status of Domestic Support Obligations
  • 7016: Exhibit List
  • 9007-a: Order Granting Motion
  • 9007-b: Order Granting Emergency Hearing
  • 9007-c: Order Granting Expedited Hearing
  • B-1 to Appendix 5005 (Declarations for Electronic Filing)
  • B-2 to Appendix 5005 (Declarations for Electronic Filing)
  • B-3 to Appendix 5005 (Declarations for Electronic Filing)
  • Application for Unclaimed Funds
  • Order Reopening Ch. 13 Case for Completion of Discharge Process - Fillable Form
  • Order Reopening Ch. 13 Case for Completion of Discharge Process
  • Party Change of Address

National Forms
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