TXEB Adversary Proceeding Supporting Clerk's Offices

as of 02/23/2015 08:05:00
Please refer to the following list to determine which TXEB Clerk's office is responsible for processing & answering questions about individual Adversary Proceedings.
Case # Adversary Presiding Judge Processing Office
08-04184 Teta et al v. TWL Corporation Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
09-04174 American Express Centurion Bank et al v. Coleman Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
10-04057 Moroney Farms Homeowners' Association, Inc. e v. Whitaker Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
10-04099 Jones et al v. Mandel et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
10-04149 Payne et al v. Holmes, Sr. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
10-04217 Boyington Capital Group, LLC et al v. Haler Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
11-04024 DK Joint Venture 1 et al v. Weyand Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
11-04124 Sam & Theresa, LLC et al v. Lau Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
12-01009 Richardson et al v. Anderson Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
12-04114 Pirani et al v. Baharia et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
12-04127 White Nile Software, Inc. et al v. Mandel Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
12-04128 MaddenSewell, LLP et al v. Mandel Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
12-04139 Weisbart et al v. Rogers et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
12-04147 A #1 Air, Inc. et al v. Pinto Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
12-04180 Margolis et al v. Hensley et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
12-06012 Moser et al v. Bank of Tyler, a Division of Huntington State Bank Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
13-04016 Pearson et al v. Internal Revenue Service et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04072 Abshier et al v. Access Group, Inc et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
13-04082 Judgment Factors, L.L.C. et al v. Packer Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
13-04085 Windbreakers LLC et al v. DevourX America LLC et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04088 Chow et al v. Adelstein Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04089 Caldwell-Blow et al v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04094 Hyde v. Timco Aviation Services, Inc. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04096 Payne et al v. Walsh et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04098 PHI Financial Services, Inc. et al v. Grabanski Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
13-04103 Hooker et al v. Wells Fargo Dealer Services et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04106 Douglass et al v. Douglass et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
13-04110 HBO2Works, LLC et al v. Moser et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-05001 Allegra Network LLC et al v. Ruth et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
13-06014 Mohn et al v. Ketchum et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
13-06020 Moser et al v. Long, Executrix of the Estate of Ronald Matney Log Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
13-06024 Moser et al v. Neal et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-01007 First National Bank of Omaha et al v. Stevenson Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-01009 Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company et al v. Koosyial et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-04001 Brown et al v. Pak Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04003 IBP Retail No. 6, LLC et al v. SMD Carrollton, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04004 Richland Resources Corp. et al v. Sun Delta et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04008 Wright et al v. Minardi Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04018 Moser, Trustee et al v. Montano et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04020 Vest et al v. Vest Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04021 Payne et al v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04022 Moser et al v. Fidelity National Title Insurance Company Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04024 Weisbart et al v. Fischler et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04025 Steadfast Resources, LLC v. Goggans et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04028 Schachar v. Regions Bank Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04035 TR Carnegie Investments, LLC et al v. Rhino Stainless US LLC et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04039 Moser, Trustee et al v. Gibraltar Business Capital, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04040 Weisbart et al v. Richey et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04042 Mi Sueno Tex Mex, LLC et al v. Denmiss, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04048 Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc. et al v. Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04049 Weisbart et al v. La Guerre Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04051 Nextgear Capital, Inc. et al v. Damiri Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-04056 Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc. et al v. Gryphon Corp. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04057 Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc. et al v. Santander Consumer USA, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04063 Weisbart et al v. Digital River, Inc. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04067 Joseph et al v. Bolinger & Hogue, LP et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04069 Sullivan et al v. Faith Johnson & Associates, LLP et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04071 Sullivan et al v. Law Offices of Neil Durrance et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04072 Sullivan et al v. Scottie D. Allen & Associates et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04075 Weisbart, Ch 7 Trustee et al v. Zielke et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04076 Moser, Trustee et al v. Lissiak, Jr. Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04077 Rose et al v. Bob Tomes Ford Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04078 Payne et al v. Belken et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04079 Kottabi Rose, LLC et al v. Schnell et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04080 IPFS Corporation et al v. Chow et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04081 Future World Electronics, LLC et al v. Schnell Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04082 Delpratt et al v. National Collegiate Trust Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-04085 Moser, Trustee et al v. Lissiak, III et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04086 Gary J. Campbell & Associates, P.C. et al v. Oelfke Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04087 Moser, Trustee et al v. Lissiak et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04088 Duree et al v. White et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-04089 Moser, Trustee et al v. Cloudworx Solutions, LLC et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04091 Marish et al v. Santander Consumer USA, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04092 RK Hall Construction, Ltd v. Cummings Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-04095 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. et al v. Riesenfeld et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-04096 City Bank et al v. Cagle Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04097 First National Bank of Omaha et al v. Danielson Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04099 Heritage O & G Corp. et al v. TCA Global Credit Master Fund, LP Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04100 Tackett et al v. McCracken Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
14-04101 Howard et al v. TitleMax of Texas, Inc. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04102 Frisco Medical Center, L.L.P. et al v. Bledsoe et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04103 Meyer et al v. Snell Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-04104 Grant et al v. IRS et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04105 Mata, Jr. et al v. Real Time Resolutions, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-06002 Texas Capital Bank, National Association et al v. Sharp et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06003 Lajoie et al v. Sharp et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06007 Wortham et al v. Wortham Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06010 Searcy et al v. Lajoie et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06012 Independence Bank et al v. Otis et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06014 United States Trustee et al v. Vinson Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06015 Hall et al v. The Comptroller of Public Accounts for the State o Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06018 McClure et al v. First National Bank of Hughes Springs Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-06019 E&S Land Development, LP et al v. Shuomali et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
14-09002 Adams et al v. Adams Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-01001 Samuel et al v. Internal Revenue Service Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-01002 Bryson et al v. Action Restoration, Inc. et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-01003 Action Restoration, Inc. et al v. BRRW Farm and Ranch LLC Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-01004 CommunityBank of Texas N.A. et al v. Jorgensen Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-04001 US BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION et al v. Wood et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-04002 Neary et al v. Bryant Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
15-04003 Chow, Trustee et al v. Bills.Com, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04004 American Express Centurion Bank et al v. Wise Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04005 Countryman v. Credit Acceptance Corporation Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04006 Weisbart et al v. Valaziel, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04007 Moser et al v. Faulkenbury et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04008 Chesnutt et al v. Old Pro Leather Goods, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-06001 Barnes et al v. Granite State Management & Resources et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-06002 Williams et al v. Educational Credit Management Corporation et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-09001 Talton. et al v. Internal Revenue Service et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200