TXEB Adversary Proceeding Supporting Clerk's Offices

as of 02/13/2017 08:05:00
Please refer to the following list to determine which TXEB Clerk's office is responsible for processing & answering questions about individual Adversary Proceedings.
Case # Adversary Presiding Judge Processing Office
12-01009 Richardson et al v. Anderson Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
12-04114 Pirani et al v. Baharia et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
12-04127 White Nile Software, Inc. et al v. Mandel Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
12-04128 MaddenSewell, LLP et al v. Mandel Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04016 Pearson et al v. Internal Revenue Service et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
13-04089 Caldwell-Blow et al v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04020 Vest et al v. Vest Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04022 Moser et al v. Fidelity National Title Insurance Company Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04056 Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc. et al v. Gryphon Corp. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
14-04057 Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc. et al v. Santander Consumer USA, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04010 Prince et al v. Chow et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04048 Starfish Investments, LP et al v. Stapleton Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04056 Moser et al v. Texan Mutual, LLC et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04066 Curtis et al v. Black et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
15-04069 Shawn K. Brown, Chpt 11 Trustee for SCH Investment v. Chhabra et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-04070 Curtis et al v. Black Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
15-04071 Rockwall Capital LLC et al v. Black Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
15-04072 Chow, Trustee et al v. Stapleton et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04074 Moser et al v. Jacobs et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04083 US Merchants Financial Group, Inc. et al v. Martin, Jr. Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-04089 GLM DFW, Inc. et al v. Progressive Waste Solutions of TX, Inc. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04097 MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. et al v. Bhai Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-04109 Payne et al v. Daiker Partners, Ltd. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
15-04127 Shawn K. Brown, Chpt 7 Trustee for SCH Investments v. Singh et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
15-06005 Zayler et al v. Hill et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-06016 Searcy v. Burks et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
15-06022 Healey et al v. Healey Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-01002 NextGear Capital, Inc. et al v. Renfro et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-01006 McGill, Sr. et al v. Michael's Trading Company, Inc. et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-01009 CLAYBAR et al v. Huffman Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-01010 Petrotex Fuels, Inc. et al v. Hampton et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-01013 Hollands et al v. Rushmore Loan Management Services et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-01014 Soileau et al v. NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-01015 Arnold et al v. Cole Creek Materials Company,LLC et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04006 Hoffman et al v. Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04007 Energy Exploration I, LLC et al v. TRU Exploration, LLC et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04022 Jara Hotels, LLC et al v. Hyphen Construction Group, Inc. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04023 Haemisegger et al v. Smith Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04030 Durrance et al v. Davis Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04033 Krishnan et al v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. et. al. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04039 Moser et al v. Aggregates Now Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04040 Moser et al v. Bane Machinery, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04043 Moser et al v. Komatsu Financial Limited Partnership Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04045 Moser et al v. Precise Trucks, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04048 Moser et al v. White Star Equipment, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04052 Taravello et al v. Tango Transport, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04058 Jabbarnezhad et al v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04059 Pacific Western Bank v. Christian Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04060 Marshall et al v. Internal Revenue Service et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04063 Thomas et al v. Pickens Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04064 Collin County, Texas et al v. Merritt Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04068 Kokas et al v. Osborne Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04072 Moser et al v. Roadstar Trucking Services, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04073 Moser et al v. Kirby Smith Machinery, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04075 State Bar of Texas Client Security Fund et al v. James, II et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04076 State Bar of Texas et al v. James, II et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04078 North Dallas Lawn Care & Landscape, Inc. et al v. Hartford Lloyds Insurance Company Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04079 North Dallas Lawn Care & Landscape, Inc. et al v. Depositors Insurance Company Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04081 Moser et al v. Marlow Oil Distributor, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04082 MidSouth Bank, N.A. et al v. Patel et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04083 Benchmark Bank et al v. Stapleton Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04087 Moser, Trustee et al v. dsms, L.P. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04088 Allen et al v. Wolfe et al Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04089 Payne et al v. Goldberg Weisman Cairo, Ltd. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04090 Payne et al v. Legacy Christian Academy Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04091 Payne et al v. The Regents of the University of California Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04092 Payne et al v. Performance of Plano II, Ltd. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04093 Danielson et al v. Heath et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04094 Fairview Hospitality LLC et al v. Multani Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04098 Weisbart et al v. First Sunergy, LLC Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04099 Weisbart et al v. Fardi Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04100 Weisbart et al v. Madico, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04101 Weisbart et al v. Razavi Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04102 Weisbart et al v. SKC, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04103 First Investors Financial Services, Inc. et al v. Nelson Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04104 Weisbart et al v. Jones, MD et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04106 Searcy, Trustee et al v. Payson Petroleum 3 Well, L.P. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04107 Wellmon et al v. Vigil et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04109 Tango Transport, LLC et al v. Navistar International Corporation et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04110 RPV LTD et al v. Payne et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04111 Campbell v. Sayers Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04112 Moser et al v. Higginbotham Associates, Inc. Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04113 Crosby et al v. Sayers Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04114 Schwartz et al v. Sayers Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04115 Lang et al v. Gaona Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
16-04116 Schwarz v. Nordhaus Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04117 Casimir v. Santos Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04118 Bolinger & Hogue, LLP et al v. Bolinger Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-04119 Litzler et al v. Gober & Merrell Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, Inc. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-04120 Strogen et al v. GE Capital Retil Bank/Green Tree Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-05001 Welch et al v. Red River Credit Union et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-05002 Lawrence et al v. Allen Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
16-06004 Lustig et al v. Bateman Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-06006 Hendricks et al v. Williams et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-06007 Jaynes et al v. Wilson et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-06009 Healey et al v. Searcy Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-06010 Wasem et al v. Spengler, Jr Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-06011 Daniel Utility Construction, Inc. et al v. Allegro et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-06012 Adams et al v. First Financial Bank Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-06013 Shockley et al v. Trinity Clinic Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-09001 Jackson et al v. Johnson Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-09002 North American Procurement Company et al v. UMB Bank, National Association, as Bond Trustee Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-09003 Texas Pellets, Inc. et al v. North American Procurement Company Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-09004 Scott et al v. Hardy Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-09005 Strada Services, LLC et al v. Allbritton et al Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
16-09006 Shamrock Entertainment Ltd et al v. Hereford Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
17-02001 National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-1 et a v. Brown Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
17-04001 Rasa Floors, L.P. et al v. Perez Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
17-04002 Pappas et al v. Bangash Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
17-04003 United States of America et al v. Clark, Jr. et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
17-04004 Office of the U.S. Trustee et al v. Smith Parker Beaumont: (409)839-2617
17-04005 Stribling et al v. Sayers Parker Tyler: (903)590-3200
17-04006 Texas Premier Title et al v. Burrows et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
17-04007 Daigle et al v. LSREF3 Bravo (Dallas), LLC et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240
17-05001 Glastron Equities, LLC et al v. Otero et al Rhoades Plano: (972)509-1240