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Judge Rhoades Docket Day Procedures
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  • Dockets for each week are typically posted on the Courtís website for review on the Friday that precedes such week.  Because the dockets are subject to change periodically, the docket may be periodically updated and posted on the website.  A final updated docket will be available in the Courtroom but will not be posted on the website.

  • The Court generally schedules trials throughout each month but sets aside 2 days per month for motions and other matters in Chapter 7 and 11 cases, 2 days per month for motions and other matters in Chapter 13 cases, and 2 days per month for motions and other matters in adversary proceedings.  These are called Docket Days.

  • Parties may appear on Docket Days and announce agreements that settle matters that are scheduled for hearing.  

  • If the parties upload an agreed order signed by all parties on the day before a trial or hearing, the Court will take the matter off of the docket.  If the parties have reached an agreement but have not uploaded an agreed order, the parties may appear on the date of the hearing to announce their agreement on the record. 

  • Parties must advise the Courtroom Deputy Clerk in advance if the hearing scheduled on a Docket Day is estimated to last more than one hour.

  • Parties are reminded to bring in the required number of copies of exhibits, properly marked, that they wish to introduce into the record.  See Local Bankruptcy Rule 7016(d).

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