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Order Transcripts for Judge Parker's Court
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To order an audio recording

In 2007 the Court began using digital recording as the means of taking the official record. Parties may purchase a compact disk of a bankruptcy proceeding directly from the Court. Please see our official Fee Schedule to determine the current fee for an audio recording. All requests should be made through the appropriate Clerk’s office

To order a transcript

Transcript requests for hearings held in Tyler, Texas prior to January 2007 should be made to the Tyler Clerk's Office at 903-590-3200.

Transcript requests for hearings held in Beaumont, Texas prior to March 2007 should be made through the Beaumont clerk’s office at 409-654-7060.

Transcript requests for hearings held after January 1, 2007 in Tyler and after March 1, 2007 in Beaumont should be made by contacting  at 1-214-802-7196 or

Requests to Redact Personal Identifiers in a Transcript

Counsel seeking redaction of personal identifiers contained in a transcript must complete and file form Statement of Redaction of Personal Identifiers in Transcript  with the court within 7 days of the court receiving the transcript. The notice must include the page(s), line number(s), and information to be redacted. If filing electronically, use the event selection Notice of Intent to Redact Transcript Information located under Notices. After filing the notice with the court, a copy must be provided to the transcriber.

Pursuant to FRBP 9037, personal identifiers to be redacted include:

  • individual's social-security number
  • taxpayer-identification number 
  • birth date
  • the name of an individual, other than the debtor, known to be and identified as a minor 
  • financial-account number (that identifies property not subject to forfeiture in a forfeiture proceeding)

Counsel seeking to redact or restrict information contained in a transcript that does not meet the criteria above must obtain a court order by filing a motion to seal prior to hearing.


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