I. Getting Started
A. Introduction
As a creditor, only limited access is available to file documents electronically using CM-ECF. Currently, a different function exists for each of the seven allowable documents. They are:
  • Claims
  • Creditor’s Notice of Transfer/Assignment of Claim
  • Creditor’s Withdrawal of Claim
  • Document Withdrawal
  • Application For Payment of Dividend From Unclaimed Funds
  • Reaffirmation Agreement
  • Request for Notices By Creditor

Though access to the entire system of CM-ECF is denied, there are no practical limitations to the creditor seeking to do business with the Court. The following manual assumes all the necessary preparation, i.e., possession of the required hardware/software, knowledge of local rules and general internet functionality exist. All creditors are encouraged to use this manual in conjunction with the other tools available on our website. Changes, announcements and additional tools will be added to our website periodically. It is understood that you may file with multiple courts throughout the country, nevertheless, we expect the creditor to keep abreast of any procedural changes. This can be accomplished by a systematic approach to the use of information found online.