II. Step by Step Procedures
A. Filing a Claim
Repeat Steps 1-5.
  1. Create Pleading
  2. Print to PDF
  3. Log in to System
  4. Select Bankruptcy from Main Menu
  5. Select “File a Claim” from Sub-Category Menu
  • Step 6-7 (Parties) Insert the case number and the name of the creditor on the Search for Creditor screen. Accept the default for [Type of Creditor]. Click [Next]. If the creditor is already a party in the case it will appear highlighted. Click [Next]. If the creditor is not in the case, click [Add Creditor]. On the next screen click [Next]. Insert the name and address information into the proper fields. Change the radio button from Continue to Enter to Last Entry. Click [Next] Click [Submit] on the Adding Creditors screen. The screen should read, “Total Creditors Entered 1". Click File a Proof of Claim on the following screen. Note: Failure to select [Last Entry] will bring up a blank screen upon clicking [Next]. Click [Back], make the proper change and click [Next].

    You must search for the creditor again. Click [Next]. The creditor will appear highlighted on the next screen. Click [Next].

    Insert the necessary figures. Do not use $ signs or commas. Bypass the Late and Status fields. The Remarks and Description fields may be used but are rarely needed. Click [next].

    Note: A pdf containing the proof of claim will still need to be filed.

  • (Step 8) PDFs Find and insert the pdf into the empty field. If filing an attachment change the No to Yes and click [Next]. On the following screen, the filer will be prompted to browse for the pdf, choose the type or use the description field to identify the attachment, and then add to the list. This is identical to the process of attaching a proposed order to a motion. Click [Next].

  • Note: Steps 9,10,11 to not apply.

  • (Step 12) Notice of Electronic Filing Think of this as a file-marked copy in the “electronic world”. You must decide how to save this image, i.e., as a pdf, text document, simply print a hard copy.