United States Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Texas

Formatting Rules for Creditor Matrices

Warning: Not adhering to the rules below may cause the upload of your matrix to fail.

The following rules should be observed when creating your creditor matrix.

  1. Names and addresses must be aligned left (flush against the left margin, no leading blanks.)
  2. Do not include page numbers, headers, footers, etc.
  3. The information must be five lines or less per creditor.
  4. Each line may contain no more than 40 characters.
  5. The creditor name must be on the first line.
  6. If account numbers or "attention" lines are included, they must be on the second line.
  7. City and state abbreviation and ZIP code must be on the last line.
  8. All states must be two-letter abbreviations.
  9. Nine-digit ZIP codes must contain a hyphen separating the two groups of digits.
  10. Each creditor must be separated by at least one blank line.

Style Conventions for Names and Addresses

These style conventions apply to both names and addresses entered in the CM-ECF application and names and addresses entered on creditor matrices.

Party Names

Use upper and lower case for all names and capitalize the first letter in a proper noun.

Wallace D. Smith
United Services Fidelity and Guaranty

Use punctuation and single spacing between all names and following initials and periods.
J. J. Jones
Smith, Inc.
C. W. BradZero, Ltd.
When typing names that have upper and lower case letters or hyphens, do not insert spaces.
Patricia DeLaGarza
Patrick MacDougal
Kathleen O’Brien
Mary Smith-Baker
If an individual does not have a middle name, leave that field blank.
Do not enter "NMI" (no middle initial).
If a party has multiple names such as Robert Kramer Johns Martin, add the extra names in the Middle Name box.
Last name: Martin
Middle name: Kramer Johns
First name: Robert

Business names
Business names should be entered entirely in the Last Name box.
Do not use the First Name or Middle Name box when entering business names.

Do not use the ampersand sign for "and" unless it is part of a company name on the petition or pleading.
B. & D. Company
Cameron & Associates
J & J Trucking
Avoid abbreviations unless it is part of a company name on the petition or pleading.

Zero Motor Company— Zero Motor Co.
First Federal Association—1st Federal Assoc.

Enter U.S. and U.S.A. without any spaces.

U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Trustee
U.S. Attorney
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Party Addresses

Abbreviate post office addresses without a space between the P and O.
P.O. Box 1359
P.O. Drawer 34321
Use digits for numbers in addresses.

3224 East 26th Street
425 6th Street
1 Valley Plaza

When there is a street address as well as a post office box address for a debtor, add only the post office box address.
John J. Johnson
P. O. Box 1477
4218 Elmwood Lane (Eliminate this line)
Bentonville, AR 40453
When needed, use the second and or third line of the address for building name, suite number, floor, firm name, or attention

Arthur Andersen and Associates Attention:
Terri Brooks
John Hancock Building, Suite 2600
8723 Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60604

The city, state, and ZIP must be the only information on the last address line.

Use the full ten-digit ZIP code if at all possible.

Foreign addresses must have the full name of the post office and country of destination printed in capital letters.

The country name or APO destination must be the only information on the bottom line of the address.

Alfonso Diaz
Rio de Danubec y Rio Florido
MEXICO #1050

Sgt. John Smith
C Company 237 Armor
Unit #21103, Box 512
APO AE 09014

If the address contains an apartment number or suite number, you may use the # sign in place of the word number or suite.
Barbara Bixby
322 West Shady Lane, # 334
Austin, TX 78701

Use c/o to indicate "In Care Of".
Manuel Ortega, Jr.
c/o Manuel Ortega, Sr.
6612 East 6th Street
El Paso, TX 79901
The preferred format for telephone numbers is (903) 222-3333.