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Plano Courtroom Technology
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A party may electronically present documents, exhibits or other materials (subject to the Courtís right to limit or disallow such presentations) from the counsel tables by using a laptop computer.  The presentation will be visible from the bench, counsel tables, counsel podiums, and the witness stand.  The party wishing to make such a presentation must supply the laptop computer and any necessary adapters for any such presentation.  The Court will provide a standard HDMI connection to the Courtroom Technology system. The Court will not supply a laptop computer to any party for use in the Courtroom.

The party shall contact and notify the appropriate Courtroom Deputy Clerk at least 24 hours in advance of any hearing or trial in which that party desires to make an electronic presentation.

The Courtroom is equipped with the capability for telephonic conferencing.  See Requests for Telephonic Appearances to complete your request.

The Courtroom is also equipped with Video Conferencing equipment.  Video Conferencing must be approved by the Court at least 3 days in advance of the hearing or trial.  The party wishing to use Video Conferencing must contact the Courtroom Deputy 3 days prior to the hearing or trial to obtain this approval.

Other technology may be used in the Courtroom with prior Court approval.  The party wishing to use any other technology in the Courtroom must contact the Courtroom Deputy Clerk at least 2 days in advance of the trial or hearing.  The party must supply its own equipment. 


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