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Automatic Stay

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
American Peak Productions 2015 unpublished 362(a)(3); Return of Unearned Premiums Link
American Peak Productions 2015 unpublished 362(a)(3); Return of Unearned Commissions Link
Tobar 2007 unpublished 362(c)(3); LBR 4001; Motion for Continuation of Stay Link
Burke 2007 unpublished 362(k); Jurisdiction to Determine Sanctions Link
Taylor 2007 unpublished 362(d); Relief from Stay; Foreclosure Link

Avoidance Actions

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Belken 2015 unpublished 548(a)(1); Actual Fraud; IRA Withdrawals Link
Moser v USA 2014 unpublished Value of an Avoided Election to Waive the Carryback of an NOL Link
Payne v. Simba Ventures Holding, Ltd., et al. 2012 unpublished, 2012 WL 4434680 547, 548; Rule 12(b)(6) Link
Payne v. Morris County 2012 unpublished 547, 548; Rule 12(b)(6); Link
Chow v. Flooring Systems 2012 unpublished 547(b); State Court Receiver Link
Moser/Najafi 2011 unpublished 549, 550; Initial Transferee Link
Payne/Citibank 2011 unpublished 547(b); Pre-petition Foreclosure; Rule 56 Link
Feuerbacher 2011 2011 WL 608122 548; TUFTA; Actual Intent to Defraud Link
Drinks Unique 2010 2010 WL 3491184 Fraudulent Transfers under TUFTA; Piercing the Corporate Veil and Civil Conspiracy Link
Prohaska 2010 2010 WL 55990 548(a)(1); Intent; Insolvency; Reasonably Equivalent Value Link
Johnson/National City Mortgage 2009 unpublished Avoidance of Lien on Homestead; Texas Constitution; Limitations; Equitable Subrogation Link
Davis 2009 unpublished 547(b); 544(a)(1); Texas Certificate of Title Act; Preservation of Lien Link
Brown/JP Morgan Chase Bank 2008 375 B.R. 348 547(b)(5); 547(c)(1); Refinance of Home Mortgage Link
Eisner 2007 unpublished 547(b); Distributions for Escrow; Texas Probate Code Link
JP Masonry, Inc. 2007 unpublished 547(b); Interest in Property; Summary Judgment Link
Alpha Concrete, Inc. 2007 unpublished 547(b); Interest of Debtor in Property Link
National Reining Breeders' Classic 2007 unpublished 547(b); 548(a)(1)(A) Link

Chapter 11

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Bentley Premier Builders 2014 unpublished Competing Plans of Reorganization; Confirmation Link
McClendon v. Springfield 2014 unpublished Action to Enforce Plan Injunction Link
Kenneth Good, et al 2009 413 B.R. 552 Reconsideration of Confirmation Order; Interest Rate; Maturity Date Link
Nature Leisure Times, LLC 2007 unpublished 363(b); 363(f); Sale of Assets Free and Clear Link
Cornerstone Products, Inc. 2007 unpublished Molder's Lien (Ohio Law); Turnover; Objection to Claim Link
Horseshoe Nail Ranch, L.P. 2007 unpublished Confirmation; Classification; Feasibility; Good Faith Link
LBank Development/Exotic Car Rental 2005 unpublished 1112(b); Good Faith Link

Chapter 13

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Greer 2017 unpublished 1307(c); 349; Funds on Deposit at Dismissal Link
Harold Redd 2014 unpublished HOA Foreclosure; Statutory Right of Redemption; Cure of Defaults through Plan Link
Hershman 2011 unpublished 349(b)(3); 1326(a)(2); Effect of Dismissal on Funds Held by Trustee Link
Young 2010 425 B.R. 811 Discharge and Dischargeability in Chapter 13 Link
Brown 2009 unpublished 1307(c); 1329(a); Good Faith Link
Ariyaserbsiri 2008 unpublished 1325(b)(4); Applicable Commitment Period Link
Ferrell 2008 unpbulished 1307(c) and Rule 59(e); Dismissal of Case Pursuant to Agreed Conditional Dismissal Order Link
Graham 2008 unpublished 1325(b)(2) and (b)(3); Projected Disposable Income and Other Necessary Expenses Link
Maffei 2008 unpublished 1325(b)(2) and (b)(3); Projected Disposable Income and Other Necessary Expenses Link
Jacobsen 2007 378 B.R. 805 1307(b) and (c); 105(a); Competing Motions to Convert and Dismiss Link
Hernandez 2007 unpublished 1322(a)(2); 507(a): Payment of Interest on Child Support Arrearage Claim Link
Washington 2007 unpublished 59(e); Conditional Dismissal Order Link
Boothe 2007 unpublished Motion to Reinstate Dismissed Case; 60(b); 59(e) Link
Aprea 2007 368 B.R. 558 1325(a)(3); Good Faith Link
Parchman 2007 unpublished 1325(a)(5); 363(f)(3); Rule 59(e) Link

Chapter 7 Discharge

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Clovis Prince 2012 unpublished TUFTA; 548(a); Actual Fraud; 542 (Turnover) Link
Clovis Prince 2011 unpublished 727(a)(2), (4); Bankruptcy Fraud; Rule 56 Link
Janjuah 2010 2010 WL 3862541 727(a)(6)(A); Failure to Obey Discovery Order Link
Moseman 2010 436 B.R. 398 727(a)(2), (a)(4)(A); Texas Homestead Exemption Link
Hoefer 2010 2010 WL 1658323 727(a)(3), (a)(5), (a)(7); 523(a)(2)(B) Link
Alvarado Land Dev./Sewell 2009 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A) and (B); Standing; Assignment of Judgments under Texas Law Link
Eagle Sindh/Desai 2009 unpublished 727(a)(3), (4) and (5) Link
Chambers/First United Bank 2009 385 B.R. 460 Action to Avoid Lien on Claimed Exempt Property; Texas Constitution Link
Litton Loan/Debbie Eads 2009 417 B.R. 728 Default Order; Rule 60(b); Defects in Mortgage Documents; Texas Constitution Link
Camp 2009 416 B.R. 304 707(b)(3); Post-Petition Surrender of Second Home Link
Automotive Finance/Ray Huffines Chevrolet 2009 411 B.R. 337 Rule 12(b)(1); Facial vs. Factual Attack; Jury Demand Link
Kafi 2009 413 B.R. 544 707(b); Vehicle Ownership Expense Link
Derer 2008 400 B.R. 97 727(a)(2); 523(a)(2)(A) and (a)(4) Link
Mullican 2008 417 B.R. 389 Property of the Estate; Bad Faith Conversion Link
Herzog/Stopol, Inc. 2008 416 B.R. 591 Enforcement of Auction Agreement; Jurisdiction; Fraud; Breach of Fiduciary Duty Link
Brock 2008 unpublished 727(a)(3) and (7); Financial Records of Business Link
Doyle 2008 unpublished 727(a)(11); Exemption from Post-Petition Financial Management Course Link
Claybrook 2008 385 B.R. 842 727(a)(3); Financial Records Link
Sauntry 2008 390 B.R. 848 727(a)(3), (5); Records Kept and Loss of Assets by Gambling Addict Link
Prell 2007 unpublished 727(a)(5); Transfer of Property Link
Davis 2007 377 B.R. 827 523(a)(2), (a)(6); DTPA; Debt Collection Practices Link
Huber 2006 unpublished 727(a)(2)(A) Link
Mancuso 2006 unpublished 727(a)(3), (a)(4)(A), (a)(5), (a)(6)(C) and (a)(7) Link
Orsini 2006 unpublished 727(a)(3), (5); 523(a)(2)(B) Link
Duncan 2006 unpublished 727(a)(2), (3) and (4) Link


Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Emanuel 2015 unpublished 502, Rule 3001; Objection to Claim for Consumer Credit Card Debt Link
Richland Resources Corp. 2015 unpublished 503(b), 543(c); Admininstrative Claim by State Court Receiver Link
Pirani v. Baharia 2014 unpublished Liaiblity Amongst Co-Guarantors under Texas Law; Attorneys' Fees Link
Affordable Building Systems, Strawmen 2014 unpublished Limitations; Recharacterization of Debt as Equity Link
Mandel/Thrasher 2011 unpublished Claims Objections; Breach of Contract; Theft of Trade Secrets Link
Mandel/Jones 2011 unpublished Claim Objection; Breach of Contract; Texas Architects Registration Law Link
Diane Davis 2011 unpublished Lack of Documents; Good Faith; Burden of Proof Link
Teta/TWL Corp. 2011 unpublished Class Certification; Numerosity; Parallel Proceedings Link
Yates 2011 unpublished 502(j); Cause for Reconsideration Link
Kenneth Good et al. 2010 428 B.R. 235 506(a); Post-Confirmation Objection to Secured Status; Summary Judgment Link
Branch 2009 unpublished Objection by Chapter 13 debtor; Lack of Documentation Link
Jacobsen 2008 unpublished Stipulated Judgment; Tender Under California Law Link
American REIT, Inc. 2008 unpublished Claim for Attorneys Fees; Interpretation of Fee Agreement (Texas Law) Link
Leverett 2007 378 B.R.793 Prima Facie Validity of Claim Filed by Alleged Assignee of Credit Card Debt Link
WRN 1301, Inc. 2007 unpublished 502(b)(6); Termination of Lease Link
Horseshoe Nail Ranch, L.P. 2007 unpublished Interpretation of Texas Loan Agreements; Equitable Subrogation Link
Lewis 2007 unpublished Texas Probate Code; Improper Disbursements; Release Link
Sanford 2006 unpublished Damage to Home; Application of Insurance Proceeds Link
Pilkington 2006 unpublished Valuation of Mobile Home Link
Cookbook Resources, Inc. 2005 unpublished Objection to Claim; Commission Sales; Termination Link
Jordan 2005 unpublished Agency, Trespass and Damages (Texas Law) Link


Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Dadyburjor 2010 2010 WL 1903638 Rule 12(b)(6); Rule 9(b); Amended Complaint; Civil RICO Claims Link
Dadyburjor 2010 2010 WL 148176 Rule 12(b)(6); Rule 9(b); Civil RICO Claims Link
King 2009 unpublished 707(b)(3); Totality of the Circumstances Link
Kim 2008 unpublished 707(b)(3); Gambling Debts; Substantial Abuse Link
Richardson 2008 unpublished 521(i); Automatic Dismissal; 59(e); 105(a) Link
Huffman 2007 unpublished 521(i); Automatic Dismissal; Rule 60(b) Link
Casey 2006 unpublished 521(i); Automatic Dismissal; Rule 60(b) Link


Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Guzman 2008 unpublished 109(h)(1); Credit Counseling Received More Than 180 Days Pre-Petition Link
Kenneth Good 2008 unpublished 109(h); Credit Counseling Received on Petition Date Link
Richardson 2007 unpublished 109(h); Pre-Bankruptcy Litigation Link
Norman 2007 unpublished 109(h); Incarcerated Debtor Link

Executory Contracts

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
S&A Rest./Frontage Properties 2010 2010 WL 3619779 12(b)(6); 28 U.S.C. 2201; Addendum to Lease of Commercial Real Property Link


Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Moore 2016 unpublished 522(l); Tex. Prop. Code 42.0021; IRA Exemption Link
Rosenberg 2015 unpublished 522, 542; Turnover; Exemption of IRA under Texas Law Link
Stanley Thaw 2013 unpublished, 2013 WL 1163803 522(p); 522(o); Exemptibility of Interest of Debtor and Nondebtor Spouse in Homestead Link
Clovis Prince 2011 unpublished 522(q)(1)(A); Homestead; Felony Conviction Link
Chilton 2010 426 B.R. 612 522(d)(12); Inherited IRA Link
Young 2009 unpublished 541(a)(1); Qualified Domestic Relations Order Link
Palmer 2008 391 B.R. 386 Rural Homestead; Texas Law; Non-Contiguous Property Link
William Taylor 2006 unpublished Homestead Exemption; Partnership Property; Texas Law Link

Involuntary Cases

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
TRED Holdings 2010 2010 WL 3516171 303(i); Request for Sanctions Against Attorney and Petitioning Creditors Link
Texas Barcode, Inc. 2005 unpublished 303(i); Discovery; Involuntary Petition Link

Lien Avoidance

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Nevarez v. RCS and MERS 2013 488 B.R. 332 Nonjudicial Foreclosure on Homestead Under Texas Law; "Split the Note" Theory; Texas DTPA Link
Jacobsen v. BOA et al. 2012 unpublished, 2012 WL 4033237 Implied Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing; Quiet Title; Injunctive Relief and Punitive Damages Link
Higway 82/Fannin Joint Venture v. Capital One 2012 unpublished Rule 12(b)(6); Estoppel Link
Hoffman v. Mahrouq Enterprices 2012 unpublished Rule 12(b)(6); Lien on Vehicle; Texas Law Link
Huie 2007 unpublished 522(f)(1); Judicial Lien on Homestead; Automatic Stay Link
Campbell 2005 unpublished Homestead Exemption; Invalidity of Lien; 523(a)(2)(A) Link
Jackson 2005 unpublished Homestead Lien; Right to Cure Defects (Texas Law) Link

Miscellaneous Topics

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Moser and Thaw v. Fidelity 2017 unpublished Texas Law; Claim for Breach of Title Policy Link
Utterback v TWC 2016 unpublished 524(a); Discharge Injunction; Collection of Over-payments by TWC Link
Ganter v. Montano et al. 2016 unpublished 549; 550; Turnover of Settlement Payments Link
Curtis Black 2016 unpublished Texas Rules of Prof. Conduct; Conflicts of Interest; Confidential Information Link
Bascus, Rojas, and Freeman Saxton P.C. 2015 unpublished 110, 362; Sanctions; Bankruptcy Petition Preparers Link
Bascus et al. 2015 unpublished Miscellaneous Action Sanctioning Petition Preparers Link
Jay Sandon Cooper 2014 unpublished Request to Proceed In Forma Pauperis on Appeal Link
Prosper Legacy Lakes 2013 unpublished 554; Abandonment; Objection to Report of No Distribution Link
Stephen Bergenholtz 2013 unpublished, 2013 WL 3479776 Contempt; Petition Date in Converted Case Link
Munro/Weisbart v. Momphard 2013 unpublished, 2013 WL 74414 363(h); Rule 56; Property Held Under Resulting Trust Link
UST v. Best Case Management and Shiavone 2012 unpublished, 2012 WL 5590022 110(h); 110(j); Rule 56; Bankrtupcy Petition Preparer Link
Boyd Viegel 2012 unpublished Turnover; Reconsideration; Manson Tapes Link
Davis 2011 unpublished Claims Objections; Rule 9011 Link
Thunder Reed 2010 unpublished Texas Lawsuit for Conversion of Mascot Suit; Rule 36 Link
Landwehr 2010 unpublished Plaintiff's Motion to Abstain and Remand to State Court Link
Wickford Energy 2010 unpublished Interest in Oil and Gas Lease; Duration; Cessation Link
Jacobsen 2009 unpublished Abuse of Process; 105(a); Sanctions Link
Lone Oak Fabricators 2009 unpublished Priority of Liens; Chapter 2253 of the Tex Gov't Code; Chapter 162 of the Tex Prop Code Link
Martin Brown 2009 unpublished Request for Sanctions Against Creditor; 28 USC 1927; 11 USC 105 Link
Jacobsen/Coast Capital 2009 unpublished Rules 4(f) and 55(b); Entry of Default Against Belize Corporation Link
E'Lite Holdings, Inc. 2009 unpublished Substantive Consolidation of Non-Debtor Affiliates with Debtor's Estate Link
McCasland 2008 unpublished Rule 8005; Stay Pending Appeal from Denial of Chapter 13 Confirmation Link
Cornerstone Products, Inc. 2008 unpublished Turnover; Conversion; Objection to Claim Link
Chambers 2008 384 B.R. 460 542(a) Turnover; Trust Assets; Texas Law Link
Speckman 2007 unpublished Failure to Disclose Claims; Judicial Estoppel Link
Bloom Indus., Inc. 2007 unpublished Remand; Post-Confirmation Jurisdiction Link
Duncan 2007 unpublished Rule 9019; Approval of Global Settlement Link
Prell 2007 unpublished BR 9011; Failure to Abandon Claim Link
Red Lion Lake Dallas Club, Inc. 2007 unpublished Sanctions; Bankruptcy Abuse Link
Duncan 2007 unpublished Entry of Discharge Order Link
Isbell Records, Inc. 2007 unpublished Post-Confirmation Jurisdiction; Report and Recommendation Link
Cornerstone Products, Inc. 2007 unpublished Buyer's Premium; Post-Auction Sales Link
Taylor 2006 unpublished Rule 9019; Approval of Settlement Link
American Realty Trust/Sunset Management 2006 unpublished Rule 15; Leave to Amend Link
Rohr 2006 unpublished Use of Zip Codes in Mailing Address Link
Tarver 2006 unpublished Transfer of Venue Link
Rohr 2005 unpublished Criminal Contempt; Report and Recommendation Link
Brosseau 2005 unpublished Jurisdiction Link
Tacco Falcon Point, Inc 2005 unpublished Post-Confirmation Jurisdiction Link
ART Williamsburg, Inc. 2005 unpublished Rule 22; Interpleader Link

Objections to Dischargeability

Case Name Year Citation Issue adobe document
Collin County v. Schulman 2013 unpublished 523(a)(6) or (7); Dischargeability of Sanctions Award Link
Mary Harp Shankles 2013 unpublished Validity of Lien; 523(a)(2)(A) and (a)(2)(B) Link
Leak/Sorrels 2011 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A)-(B) Link
Hollis 2011 unpublished 523(a)(4); Co-Trustee, Executrix, Corporate Officer Link
Acker 2010 2010 WL 3547221 523(a)(1)(A); Federal Income Taxes; Tolling of the Lookback Period Link
Acker 2010 2010 WL 3813243 507(a)(8); 523(a)(1)(C); Willful Evasion; Dischargeability of Federal Income Tax Debts Link
Utley 2010 2010 WL 3342242 523(a)(4), (a)(6); Collateral Estoppel; Intent Link
Jackson/Kunze 2010 2010 WL 2900998 523(a)(2)(B), (a)(4) Link
Rosenbaum 2010 2010 WL 1856344 523(a)(2)(A), (a)(2)(B), (a)(4), (a)(6) Link
Lewis/Hill 2010 2010 WL 1379770 523(a)(2), (a)(4); Rule 56 Link
Heritage Production Credit v. James 2010 unpublished 523(a)(6); Conversion; Security Interests in Crops Under Texas Law Link
Young 2010 unpublished 523(d); Awarding Debtor's Attorney's Fees Link
Fein v. Young 2010 unpublished 523(d); Attorney Fees Link
Underwood 2010 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A); Unopposed Motion for Summary Judgment Link
Kenneth Fox 2009 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A); Necessity to Establish Damages Link
Mideast Fund/Sullivan 2009 unpublished 523(a)(6); Dischargeability of Rule 11 Sanctions Award; Collateral Estoppel Link
Burford/Novak 2009 unpublished 523(a)(6); Dischargeability of Civil Award for Damages from Automobile Accident Link
Welch 2009 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A) and (a)(14); Deemed Admissions Link
Cole 2008 unpublished 523(a)(15); Obligations under Divorce Decree; Post-BAPCPA Link
Kannard 2008 unpublished 523(a)(4); Unpaid Construction Claims; Texas Law Link
Nazarko/Moraine 2008 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A), (4), (6) Link
Gil 2008 unpublished 523(a)(8); Student Loan Discharge Link
White 2008 unpublished 523(a)(8); Student Loan Discharge Link
Runnels 2007 unpublished 523(a)(2)(B); Deemed Admissions Link
Craig 2007 unpublished 523(a)(6); Damage to Property Link
Knoll 2007 unpublished 523(a)(15); pre-BAPCPA Link
Holmes/Jones 2007 unpublished 523(a)(2), (4); Attorneys' Fees; Pre-Judgment Interest Link
Poe 2007 unpublished 523(a)(8); Discharge of Student Loans Link
Lewis 2007 unpublished 523(a)(2)((a), (4), (6); Arizona Judgment; Preclusion Link
Unclebach/Villages of Allen Townhomes 2007 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A), (a)(4); Texas Construction Trust Fund Act Link
Nazarko/Oaks Bank 2006 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A), (4), (6) Link
Fagan 2006 unpublished 523(a)(2)(A); Credit Cards Link
Rogers 2006 unpublished 523(a)(8); Student Loan Discharge Link
Walter 2006 unpublished 523(a)(7); Atty Disciplinary Proceeding Link
Parker Trailer 2005 unpublished 727(a)(2)(A), (a)(5); 523(a)(2)(A), (a)(4); Use of Proceeds Under Consignment Agreement Link

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